Feuerman in Public: Survival of Serena / by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

You may be familiar with Petrosino Square, a small park nestled at the crossroads of several dynamic destinations- Bowery and Little Italy to the east, Chinatown to the south, and SoHo to the west and north. Strolling around this park two summers ago, you would have noticed the strikingly beautiful swimmer by Carole Feuerman, 'Survival of Serena.' Carole's public exhibition with the park caused quite a splash, drawing large crowds and attention from the press.  

Serena rests peacefully on her inner tube, realistic drops of water trickling down her skin as she basks in the sun.  Merely standing in her presence evokes a hushed reverence, as though the audience were afraid to wake her.

This public installation, while a large success, only lasted four months; however, this certainly won't be the last swimmer to hit the streets of a major metropolitan area.  Be on the lookout for more public exhibitions of Carole's work in the near future.