A Monumental Statement / by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

As a successful female artist, Carole Feuerman stands as a model figure for younger aspiring women of all concentrations and career paths.  A large part of Carole's success can be attributed to her unwavering persistence and work ethic. These traits along with her natural artistic talent make for an unstoppable combination. In line with her character, a strong theme in Carole's works is indeed that of feminine power and strength, as can best be seen in a piece like 'Grande Catalina,' a monumental female bust which stands proudly at five feet tall.

'Grande Catalina' emerges from her hanging place, as though the wall were the surface of a swimming pool. With eyes closed and head tilted back, Catalina is in a state of total serenity and contentment. Her straightforward orientation reflects idyllic confidence and feminine strength. Towering over the viewer, the piece is rather imposing despite the lack of any violent gestures or expressions.

Carole spent countless hours perfecting the painted surface of this cast resin piece, a true testament to her diligence and mastery of her craft. However, no matter how great her accomplishments may be, Carole will be the first to say that her development is nowhere near complete. She is constantly working to expand and improve with each piece she produces. A truly great artist is always looking to outdo themselves, and Carole continues to do just that.