Carole's Picks: Becky Franco

by Kelsey Zalimeni

At first glance, Becky Franco's works might be mistaken for photographs of beautiful interiors and decorative architecture.  However, Franco's tantalizing scenes are in fact oil paintings rendered in photoreal quality.  Carole has recently discovered the intriguing works of this artist, thus naming Franco as the her Pick for this month of June. 

'Clarity' , 2009- Oil on canvas

'Clarity', 2009- Oil on canvas

A Havana, Cuba native, Franco completed a BFA with Honors in the United States from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. Her main influence throughout artistic training was the Photo Realist movement of the 1970’s. In her budding career after graduation, she became the first female billboard artist to join the Sign & Pictorial Display Union. She painted billboards for fifteen years, later shifting her focus, to strictly private painting commissions. To continue the expansion of her artistic prowess, Franco set out to obtain an MFA from Queens College, New York in 2008. She is currently represented by soho20gallery in Chelsea, New York.

Becky Franco amongst her iconic painting subjects

Becky Franco amongst her iconic painting subjects