Feuerman's Solo Show at Harbour City, Hong Kong is a must see! / by Carole Feuerman

Carole A. Feuerman has a solo show at Harbour City in Hong Kong running from June 18th to July 15th. She just exhibited two monumental scale sculptures in the 2015 Venice Biennale and is incredibly excited about traveling to Hong Kong for her first solo show in Asia’s premier city!


Take an exciting look at Carole’s career and the road that led her to Hong Kong!

Six of Feuerman’s most exciting pieces were selected by Art in the City at Harbour City to be installed alongside the harbor front, including Olympus; the life size sculpture of Olympic gold medalist Lauren Perdue!


Olympus  , 2013. Oil on Resin. 10 x 168 x 66 inches.

Olympus, 2013. Oil on Resin. 10 x 168 x 66 inches.

See behind the scenes and witness the process!