Feuerman's Sculptures Have Bodyguards at Palazzo Mora for 2015 Venice Biennale / by Carole Feuerman

DurgaMa  , 2014. Painted Bronze. 101 x 90 x 91 inches.

DurgaMa, 2014. Painted Bronze. 101 x 90 x 91 inches.

When pieces of art acquire their own bodyguards, it’s definitely worth noting. Feuerman’s monumental sculptures Leda and the Swan and DurgaMa have been so successful at this year's Venice Biennale that they literally require guarding.

Both sculptures are part of the 2015 Biennale Exhibit: Time –Space-Existence presented by Personal Structures, Global Art Affairs running through November 22, 2015 in Palazzo Mora.

Leda and the Swan  , 2014. Oil on Resin with 24K Gold Leaf and Swarovski Crystal.

Leda and the Swan, 2014. Oil on Resin with 24K Gold Leaf and Swarovski Crystal.

The studio received word from the director of the fair, René Reitmeyer and the curators of the Personal Structures exhibition brought to Venice by the GAA Foundation, that despite providing Leda and the Swan with a tent to establish a boundary and protect her from the elements: People persist in trying to touch her to see if the Swan is a pool tube or an actual sculpture. 


The sculpture has it’s own bodyguard. Leda’s fans are tenacious in their desire to touch the surreal beauty and according to the Venice curator: “It seems unstoppable.”

leda and kid.jpg

Leda and DurgaMa have garnered a massive response while on display at the Biennale. It’s estimated that up to 200,000 people have laid eyes on Feuerman’s enchanting sculptures this summer. Crowds continue to gather and Leda and DurgaMa never have less than 30 people admiring them on a daily basis.

In response to the Leda/DurgaMa phenomenon, Feuerman will be returning to Venice from August 15th to August 19th and will be making an artist visit to Palazzo Mora and can be found there daily from 11:00 am until closing time.

She will be doing some painting while she is there and it will be an exciting opportunity to watch her work. She looks forward to connecting with and greeting fervent enthusiasts of her sculptures.

Palazzo Mora:

Strada Nuova #3659 Venezia, Italy