Carole A. Feuerman

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Inspiration and Balance

Balance, Resin & Oil, by Carole Feuerman

Almost 30 years ago I had a great encounter. My curiosity made me stumble into the ancient science of astrology, the universal language of time. The powers of the heavens and the majestic lineage of the stars made me jump into the most fantastic journey’s I have ever traveled in my life.

As I began to learn more about the movements of celestial bodies and their influence on our planet, the relationship between the mythology of transformation and the duality between form and shape became one of my artistic obsessions. The influence of these elements on our cosmic journey made me embark on a project that took many years to assemble. My goal was to establish a form to materialize the intersection between time and space.

The Hug, Bronze, by Carole Feuerman

Today, after many years of studying astrology and the principles and math behind it, I found reason to believe that everything that exists is a continual expression of universal evolution. Through astrology, I learned that there is a time for everything. For everything there is a time.  Just like in the Holy Scriptures, Astrology is all about a moment in time and the events that develop in those moments. “While doing time on planet Earth, I began to integrate my beliefs with my artistic talent”. Both Astrology and Art demonstrate how archetypal symbols can be applied to the deepest truths.

The ultimate goal is knowing that we are all connected one way or another. From the pairing of the tiny molecules to the ripening of our beings into a natal, there is a mysterious power of the creative that animates our lives from the beginning to the end. Everything we do can be creative if we open up our minds. Reconnecting with our original purpose and coming together as a network of artists, citizens, and before all, humans, we will be able lay the foundations for a better future no matter how uncertain the present is.

Grande Catalina, Resin & Oil, by Carole Feuerman

We can’t forget we are all celestial neurons capable of creating synapses that will lead to actions that can transform reality. Let’s create Art that thrives at each corner of our work to connect the dots, to inspire. A society moves forward, everybody will have the ability to create! That is something worth dreaming of.