Have You Posted Your #CFIO? by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

This post is dedicated to reminding all you readers out there to POST, POST, POST! We are still eager to see more submissions for the #CFIO, the first annual Carole Feuerman Instagram Open. 

Here is a simple step-by-step recap on how to enter for a FREE, autographed copy of Carole's new book, Swimmers:

1. Pick a Feuerman to pose as- have fun with this... browse Carole's works on her website and choose one with a glamorous pose or funky suit! 

2. Snap a pic- selfie form, mirror pic style, or grab-a-stranger-to-photograph are all acceptable forms of getting this done.

3. Post- use the hashtag #CFIO and include the title of the work you're emulating in the caption.

That's it! We will contact you from Carole's official Instagram account if you are selected as the winner. You'll also be featured in a post on this blog as the official victor of the #CFIO.

Now good luck, and get to posting!

#CFIO Instagram Contest! by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

It is with much pleasure and excitement that I announce our first ever Carole Feuerman Instagram Open (CFIO).  We at Feuerman Studios are holding a contest to see who out there can best pose as one of Carole's sculptures.  Check out the rules and details below:

What: 1st Annual Carole Feuerman Instagram Open

Why: ......why not?

When: Submissions welcome today through October 30; winner will be selected on Halloween 2014

How: Visit Carole's website to browse her works.  Snap your best swimmer pose and list the title of the piece you're replicating, along with the hashtag #CFIO.

PRIZE: The winner will receive a special prize from Carole herself- an autographed copy of her newly published book, Swimmers.

Included below is a sample submission, for some inspiration.  

@KelseyZalimeni as Survival of Serena for the #CFIO (yes, that IS a sports bra on my head) 

@KelseyZalimeni as Survival of Serena for the #CFIO (yes, that IS a sports bra on my head) 


Now it's your turn- get to snapping!  Looking forward to seeing your submissions. #CFIO