Monumental Quan

Monumental Quan, by Carole Feuerman finds a prestigious new home at the Lotte Palace Hotel by Carole Feuerman

Monumental Quan is proud to announce her new residence for the month of November at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel, located directly across from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The grand Cathedral creates a beautiful backdrop when viewing Quan. In addition, Rockefeller Center is just a stone’s throw away. She is living the high life at this sumptuous hotel in the heart of Manhattan.

Monumental Quan, 2012, Bronze & Polished Aluminum. 67 x 70 x 43 inches, with Carole Feuerman

Monumental Quan, a larger than life female figure, rests peacefully atop an impressive stainless steel ball. Quan juxtaposes the courtyard aesthetic nicely, creating a dichotomy between contemporary and historical art. She provides a modern twist to this historic site. However, contemporary Quan does pay homage to traditional Buddhist beliefs. The title of this work is derived from the Chinese name for the 'goddess of compassion'. The name is short for Guanshiyin, which means 'observing the sounds and cries of the world. In Buddhist imagery, the goddess is depicted looking or glancing down, symbolizing her watching over the world. In Feuerman's sculpture, the figure's poise and yoga stance on top of the sphere are a metaphor for the world. Quan quintessentially exudes mental steadiness and emotional stability, calm behavior and judgment—very things the artist herself strives to achieve. 

Monumental Quan in The Courtyard of the Lotte New York Palace Hotel

The Lotte New York Palace Hotel is recognized for its supreme splendor, spectacular views, and unparalleled services and amenities. The hotel encompasses the historical Villard Mansion as well as a contemporary 55-foot tower. The bridge between these two architectural marvels is The Courtyard which, was the original Madison Ave. carriage entrance of the Villard Mansion. Quan sits amongst the ranks of famous actors and actresses. Television shows including, Law & Order, White Collar, and Gossip Girl shot scenes at the hotel. Furthermore, feature films such as Just My Luck and 27 Dresses filmed scenes in the Courtyard! 

Stop by 455 Madison Avenue on your commute home, or take a break from shopping down Madison Avenue to view this beautiful sculpture. 

Monumental Quan, 2012 by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

An exploration of Carole Feuerman's oeuvre reveals topical threads throughout. While some pieces focus upon embodying one ideal at a time, others like Carole's 'Quan' series reflect multiple tenets simultaneously.  The featured sculpture here, 'Monumental Quan,' speaks through its scale, composition, and execution, to the primary values of its creator- grace, focus, and balance. 

Measuring 5 feet in height and roughly the same in width, 'Monumental Quan' manages to convey a delicate grace despite its voluminous presence.  The positioning of the figure assists with this aspect, displaying a swimmer poised permanently in a difficult physical maneuver. 

' Monumental Quan' ,     2012-      Oil & resin, stainless steel sculpture

'Monumental Quan', 2012-  Oil & resin, stainless steel sculpture

Power and control are implied well through the figure alone, but speak even louder in pairing with the chrome-finish orb upon which she balances.  The mirrored surface threatens distraction, as viewers catch glimpses of their likeness in the midst of their experience with the piece. However, the reflective ball serves a more clever purpose, for 'Monumental Quan' is in fact above the entire space she occupies- stationed perfectly on top of a mini-world comprised by her surrounding environment.  She is, in a sense, among and above the audience at the same time.