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Carole Donates Work To Charity Event For Breast Cancer Research by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman has graciously donated her sculpture Miniature Serena II to The Breast Friends Party charity auction to help fund breast cancer research.  This event, hosted by The Compleat Sculptor, will look to raise money for the Mount Sinai Breast Health Resource Program through auctioning works by Carole and other top artists such as Tom Otterness, Penny Dell, and Aldo Chaparro.

Miniature Serena II   (2010) - painted resin with 24kt gold leaf - available for auction  HERE .

Miniature Serena II (2010) - painted resin with 24kt gold leaf - available for auction HERE.

As a female artist, this cause is especially near and dear to Carole's heart. It is her great honor to be part of this effort to raise awareness and funds for breast health.  

The Breast Friends Party takes place this Wednesday, October 15 at 6pm at 90 Vandam Street, New York NY.  Purchase your tickets now on the event site

Poseidon by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman is now exhibiting her newest bronze sculpture, 'Poseidon', at Jim Kempner Fine Art in Chelsea, NYC.  The piece features a male's head with organic shapes of bronze water drops sliding off the surface. This unique look is achieved through a technique that Feuerman herself developed, called 'Painting with Fire.' The artist first conceived of the idea while traveling by plane in 1998, feeling moved to express the gorgeous natural patterns that she witnessed from her aerial vantage point. 

'Poseidon' , 2014- sand-cast bronze

'Poseidon', 2014- sand-cast bronze

Despite its detachment from the rest of the body, 'Poseidon' conveys a surge of momentum, as the viewer anticipates full emergence from below the surface. The scale of the piece in combination with the pedestal height contributes to its potency.  

'Poseidon'  2014- sand-cast bronze

'Poseidon' 2014- sand-cast bronze

Be sure to watch this short video of Carole signing the piece at Jim Kempner Fine Art in NYC:

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