Milestone Moment

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Today in Sunnyvale, California a very special event will take place, marking an important moment for both the city and artist Carole Feuerman.  Tech powerhouse NetApp is unveiling Carole's monumental 'Double Diver,' a bronze beacon of balance, achievement, and trust dedicated to the city. 

L-  'Double Diver' , 2014- bronze with patina finish; R- Carole Feuerman perfecting the 'Double Diver'

L- 'Double Diver', 2014- bronze with patina finish; R- Carole Feuerman perfecting the 'Double Diver'

  For Sunnyvale, this occasion highlights a flourishing relationship between the community and the thriving NetApp corporation. For Carole, the honor of bestowing such a symbolic and prominent sculpture upon the city is both exhilarating and humbling. The ceremony, set to commence at 2pm Pacific time, is sure to be a glorious milestone for all parties involved. All in the area are encouraged to attend.

Origins: The Golden Mean

by Kelsey Zalimeni

In light of the upcoming NetApp unveiling event, this post highlights the piece which preceded and inspired 'Double Diver.'  'The Golden Mean,' a single bronze diver with goldleaf detail, is in fact the sculpture that started it all- balanced and stalwart, it stood as a beacon of human ambition and artistic accomplishment.  

'The Golden Mean', 2012    Bronze with Gold Leaf, 150 x 54 x 38 inches,  Purchased by the City of Peekskill, NY

'The Golden Mean', 2012

Bronze with Gold Leaf, 150 x 54 x 38 inches, Purchased by the City of Peekskill, NY

The attention to detail and anatomical correctness of this piece is astounding.  The polished bronze finish calls attention to every dip and curve of the figure's composition.  A testament to Carole's skill and vision, 'The Golden Mean' provides not only a pleasing view, but a starting point from which to trace her progression toward new innovations in 'Double Diver.'

Carole's Latest Diver

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman very recently completed her latest addition to The Diver series- this powerful life-size bronze stands at 6'5", a gleaming testament to the glory and sheer athleticism of the human body. 

The model for The Diver is Richard Nuzzolese, whose father Mike Nuzzolese first modeled for Carole earlier in her career.  

Richard underwent Carole's intensive casting process, getting covered from head to toe in a rubber mixture which captured every aspect of his body, down to the pores on his face. The process pushed the crew to the physical limit, for Richard had to sustain the diver's pose for hours while those applying the rubber had to capture his form perfectly.

Clearly this tedious process yields massive rewards; the bronze Diver stands proudly as a wonderful addition to Carole's oeuvre.