Carole's Picks: John Clement by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

It's time again for the monthly edition of Carole's Picks.  July's featured artist is John Clement, a minimalist sculptor specializing in large-scale public works.  Clement's interlocking coils of steel create a dynamic, centrifugal energy that draws viewers into the work while safely providing sections to sit, lean or stand on.  The pieces are titled after the objects that inspired them, such as the select works shown below: 'Tusk', 'Squirt' and 'Orange Blossom'.

Clement creates these sculptures with intent to offer viewers multiple options for encounter- some enjoy quiet reflection, others gather round for social rituals, and still more take the opportunity for spatial investigation.  The versatility of the work and the intersubjectivity of its experience make for a durable relevance across the ages. 

View John Clement's profile here.