Miami Highilight: 'Golden Mean' at MANA MONUMENTAL

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman is everywhere in Miami this week- in person and with her artworks showing at various fairs. Among her many works on display, the towering bronze 'Golden Mean' is a fair standout and crowd favorite.  

The Golden Mean   greets visitors as they enter  Mana's Wynwood  campus.

The Golden Mean greets visitors as they enter Mana's Wynwood campus.

This past weekend, the bronze Golden Mean located in snowy Peekskill, NY received a special visit from its model, Richard Nuzzolese.  This photo was taken on-site: 

Richard Nuzzolese with his likeness   The Golden Mean   in Peekskill, where the work permanently resides.

Richard Nuzzolese with his likeness The Golden Mean in Peekskill, where the work permanently resides.

Located at Mana Monumental in their Wynwood campus, the twelve-foot Golden Mean stands proud as the crowds flow around it. If you're in Miami and happen by the work, snap a pic and tag @CaroleFeuerman on Twitter or Instagram.  Enjoy the fairs! 

Watch: Exclusive Unveiling Footage

By Kelsey Zalimeni

The unveiling of Carole Feuerman's 'Double Diver' on the NetApp grounds in Sunnyvale, CA was a major success.  Carole and her team were thrilled to be part of this special occasion between community and corporation. This post offers exclusive footage of the NetApp ceremony, so that all who follow Carole's activity can witness the excitement of the big day.  Enjoy!


Showing Promise

by Kelsey Zalimeni

With Spring in full bloom, there's no better time to consider a work like "Monumental Cocoon."  Like a burgeoning butterfly ready to burst from its safe haven, this gigantic marble figure lies powerfully in wait. Here the fetal position loses its typical connotation of infantile weakness. Instead, the pose reflects dormant potential, a showing of promise.

"Monumental Cocoon" , 2010  Marble, 40 x 80 x 42 inches, Waterfall Gallery & Mansion, New York, NY

"Monumental Cocoon", 2010

Marble, 40 x 80 x 42 inches, Waterfall Gallery & Mansion, New York, NY

As a figure made of marble, "Cocoon" is in dialogue with Classical sculpture, the most lauded artform within the hierarchy of genres.  The pose is neither upright nor heroic, yet it still conveys a sense of power and authority. Her smoothly rendered countenance shows peace and contentment.  

"Monumental Cocoon" , (detail) 2010  Marble, 40 x 80 x 42 inches, Waterfall Gallery & Mansion, New York, NY

"Monumental Cocoon", (detail) 2010

Marble, 40 x 80 x 42 inches, Waterfall Gallery & Mansion, New York, NY

This piece can be seen as an allegorical device through which the artist comments on her own potential. Despite her established career, Carole still sees herself on the verge of that critical bloom.  This mindset is what makes creators great, what keeps them pushing for growth and constant innovation.

A Monumental Statement

by Kelsey Zalimeni

As a successful female artist, Carole Feuerman stands as a model figure for younger aspiring women of all concentrations and career paths.  A large part of Carole's success can be attributed to her unwavering persistence and work ethic. These traits along with her natural artistic talent make for an unstoppable combination. In line with her character, a strong theme in Carole's works is indeed that of feminine power and strength, as can best be seen in a piece like 'Grande Catalina,' a monumental female bust which stands proudly at five feet tall.

'Grande Catalina' emerges from her hanging place, as though the wall were the surface of a swimming pool. With eyes closed and head tilted back, Catalina is in a state of total serenity and contentment. Her straightforward orientation reflects idyllic confidence and feminine strength. Towering over the viewer, the piece is rather imposing despite the lack of any violent gestures or expressions.

Carole spent countless hours perfecting the painted surface of this cast resin piece, a true testament to her diligence and mastery of her craft. However, no matter how great her accomplishments may be, Carole will be the first to say that her development is nowhere near complete. She is constantly working to expand and improve with each piece she produces. A truly great artist is always looking to outdo themselves, and Carole continues to do just that.


The Double Diver

Carole has very recently completed one of her most dynamic works to date, the Double Diver. This incredible bronze features two divers connecting to form what eighteenth-century art theorist William Hogarth called 'the line of beauty': that curving serpentine silhouette found in all things naturally beautiful. 

The gestural application of bronze on the surface reflects the effortless flow of the entire piece; the smallest details are conveyed perfectly in the faces, hands, and feet.


The unveiling of Carole's Double Diver is set for April in Sunnyvale, California.  Be sure to see it in person, should you have the chance.

Carole's Latest Diver

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman very recently completed her latest addition to The Diver series- this powerful life-size bronze stands at 6'5", a gleaming testament to the glory and sheer athleticism of the human body. 

The model for The Diver is Richard Nuzzolese, whose father Mike Nuzzolese first modeled for Carole earlier in her career.  

Richard underwent Carole's intensive casting process, getting covered from head to toe in a rubber mixture which captured every aspect of his body, down to the pores on his face. The process pushed the crew to the physical limit, for Richard had to sustain the diver's pose for hours while those applying the rubber had to capture his form perfectly.

Clearly this tedious process yields massive rewards; the bronze Diver stands proudly as a wonderful addition to Carole's oeuvre.