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'Balance' Exhibiting at Cavalier Gallery by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman's painted resin swimmer 'Balance' is currently on display at Cavalier Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Titled 'Contemporary Realism,' this exhibition runs the gamut of current artists working in the photo- and hyperreal realm of representation. The show seeks to contextualize modern artist's takes on Realism, situating its aims within the larger historical scope of of the practice. 

Balance ,  2013- oil on resin

Balance, 2013- oil on resin

Since opening on October 23, the group show has garnered attention from the Greenwich Post, receiving a praising writeup on its offerings last week.  Carole's piece was particularly listed as standout sculpture, being named the exemplar of realistic representation within the show.

Cavalier Gallery is located at 405 Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Be sure to take in the show yourself before its November 16 conclusion.

If you have already been to the show, what are your thoughts? Post to the comment bar below or directly contact info@carolefeuerman.com with your opinion. 

Tomor and Matteo by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

An encounter with 'Tomor and Matteo' epitomizes the term phenomenological experience. The digital sculpture installation requires the viewer to be active and aware of their own body in the space. Feuerman's choice to install the piece on the floor hearkens to a similar mechanism made famous by minimalist sculptor Carl Andre, forcing the audience to orient themselves about the piece as it occupies the ground they walk on.

'Tomor and Matteo in the Pool', 2010    Oil on Resin, Video Projection, Ceramic Tile, 120 x 96 inches

'Tomor and Matteo in the Pool', 2010

Oil on Resin, Video Projection, Ceramic Tile, 120 x 96 inches

This piece was part of Carole's 2010 El Paso Museum retrospective exhibition, aptly titled 'Earth Water Air Fire.'  The installation was certainly a highlight of the show, inhabiting its own viewing room complete with a 40-foot high digital projector suspended from the ceiling. The following video features a tour of the El Paso exhibition:

The depicted scene comes from a common, everyday experience, yet there is something ritualistic about the interaction.  Perhaps the very nature of sharing (the pool, the beach ball, a glance) causes the piece to shine as sacred.  This video below offers a glimpse of the installation in depth.

What do you think of Matteo and Tomor? Share thoughts, comments, and questions for Carole below!

Carole's Picks: Alyssa Monks by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole's Pick for this month is an American painter named Alyssa Monks. Her hyperreal pieces are just as luscious as they are convincing.  The surfaces are rich with a wavy impasto texture; every aspect of her paintings incites the desire to touch.

"Squid",  2012- Oil on linen

"Squid", 2012- Oil on linen

Water is a staple element in Monks' oeuvre, whether the figure is submerged in, emerging from, or obscured by its presence.  Her ability to convey the glistening subtleties of water's interaction with human skin is truly remarkable.  The vast range within her palettes infer a mastery of color theory.

"Comply" , 2013 -Oil on panel

"Comply", 2013 -Oil on panel

By virtue of their wetness, Monks' figures are overtly sexual and tantalizing.  Their gaze is often set to engage the viewer directly, peering out from the canvas in search of intimate interaction.

"Loss" , 2014- Oil on linen

"Loss", 2014- Oil on linen


Carole first grew fond of Alyssa Monk's work when the two showed together in Germany at Kunstmuseum Ahlen.  Both were featured in in the exhibition Intimacy! Bathing in Art, as well as the show's resulting monograph.  Explore more of Alyssa Monks' paintings on her website here.