Creating 'Kendall Island' by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Mana Contemporary has recently released a featurette on Carole Feuerman and her work.  The video follows Carole throughout the process of making 'Kendall Island,' a portrait sculpture of Mana's own Kendall Tichner.  This exclusive footage pulls back the veil to reveal the master artist at work. 

Carole prepping Kendall Tichner for casting

Carole prepping Kendall Tichner for casting

Viewers are granted a peek into the meticulous and exhausting world of Carole's studio.  Enjoy the video and send comments and questions to info@carolefeuerman.com, or enter them through the comment option below.

The Swan by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Feuerman is the only figurative artist to hyper-realistically paint bronze for use in outdoor public art and install these sculptures in the water.  She knows full well the ability of art to impact and enrich lives. Her commissioned works such as the Soledad and Robert Hurst Commission reflect her artistic integrity and willingness to share her gift with others outside of gallery and museum walls.  A private and special sculpture, the commission features Hurst's children on a large stainless steel swan.  This pair exude feelings of youthful joy and familial bonding.  

'The Swan'  2014- oil on bronze, stainless steel

'The Swan' 2014- oil on bronze, stainless steel

Even if the audience doesn't know the Hurst family, the same messages of childhood innocence and blissful simplicity still come across.  The piece is thus a beautiful symbol of familial values for all viewers to enjoy.

Since the piece has been installed, Hurst's doorbell hasn't stopped ringing by worried neighbors sighting his children sitting alone on his lake.