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Carole's Picks: Linda Cole by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

It is time yet again for a new edition in the Carole's Picks series. This month features established artist and Michigan native Linda Cole. Cole has spent time in Ann Arbor, New York, and London experimenting with textiles and design.  Over the years she developed a distinctive style which brought material and space into play with one another.  Her works are ethereal and imaginative, with a sound balance struck through structure and order.

'Rain'  (2011)

'Rain' (2011)

Cole works in large scale multimedia, often displayed as public installations.  Audiences are asked to engage with the pieces spatially, as they occupy a large portion of the display location.  One also considers the relation of parts to a whole in this encounter, admiring the small components of a work like 'Rain' and their role in the overall composition. 

'Elevated Air'  (2008)

'Elevated Air' (2008)

Cole continues to create these marvelous installations, exhibiting in cities all over the country and abroad.  For more information on this artist, visit her website HERE.

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