In my sculpture Leda and the Swan, we see a figure embellished with gold and crystals lounging on a painted swan. Upon further contemplation, the piece really embraces the eroticism associated with much of Greek mythology, while telling the story of deceit and treachery.  Leda, is portrayed in a 1020’s bathing suit, but was really influenced by a Greek fable going back in time. In the story, the God Zeus, who was disguised as a swan, seduces Leda who then bore Helen of Troy.  

Bibi on the Ball was inspired by my love of the beach and the enjoyment of the simple things in life. Remember, always live in the moment.

When I created Yaima and the Ball,I created a hyper-realistic sculpture that is as much about athleticism and strength as it is about dependency.  In real life, Yaima is an Olympic volleyball player for Cuba. In the sculpture I made, she stands tall, towering over the viewer with both presence and dominance.  She is solid and muscular, commanding the space she resides in, and the same time within this immense confidence and strength she displays, she must lean on the pedestal to give herself balance and stability. We must all lean at one time or another because it takes a team to be mighty