Body Sculpture, 2005

by Stephen C. Foster


One of the major hyper-realist sculptors of the seventies and eighties, Feuerman moves into areas that both expand the concepts of realism at the same time they shrink the conventions of realism in her new exhibit: Resin to Bronze Topographies. Feuerman’s works in this show range from marble to bronze to vinyl to painted resin. Her subject matter is the human figure, most often women in introspective moments are caught in a transition that radiates an intense eroticism. Feuerman’s sculpture combines spectacular super realist technique with a humanist approach to her subjects. Many of her subjects are majestically naked, having completely thrown off the disguise of the mundane.

Descending from the legacy of pop and hyper-realism, Feuerman presents a renewal of realism in a profoundly new key – topographic realism and as a “mapping” of the figure. The terms represent the results of natural process and a distanced conceptualization of the process. She redefines the concept of the environment – the natural environment and the social environment, and the tension between the two.