In-Depth: Shower Installation

by Kelsey Zalimeni

'Monumental Shower with Video' combines Carole Feuerman's hyperreal sculpting prowess with cutting edge digital art.  The piece plays with perspective and spatial reasoning, using a looped video to bring the painted resin to life.  The two parts of the piece rely upon one another for activation; the trunk aligns perfectly with the digital lower half, creating the wondrous illusion of movement. From the viewer's vantage point, the showering woman comes to life instantly.  

'Monumental Shower with Video' , 2010    Oil on Resin, TV, Video 51 x 48 x 29 inches, Private Collection

'Monumental Shower with Video', 2010

Oil on Resin, TV, Video 51 x 48 x 29 inches, Private Collection

This hybrid installation features Carole's paramount themes- water, the human form, balance, and serenity.  The bather relishes in the splendor of her shower, inviting viewers to do the same. Included below is a short video of the piece:

This piece was shown in Feuerman's exhibition titled Earth Water Air Fire at the El Paso Museum of Art.

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Monumental Shower

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman's 'Monumental Shower' pulls the private and public into tension.  An intimate moment such as this is captured in hyperrealistic fashion, blown up in scale and displayed for all to see. Is the bather proud in her exposure? Unaware of her voyeurs? In either case, 'Monumental Shower' succeeds to intrigue and entice. 

'Monumental Shower', 2010
 Oil on Resin, 53x23x21 inches, Mana Contemporary Art Center

The figure's natural, luxurious pose is saturated with enjoyment.  Warm drops of shower water cascade down the body.  Her confidence and graceful posture exude two pillars of Feuerman's work, making the piece another great gesture toward the artist's ideals.