October 30th Opening: Feuerman at Octavia | Houston

by Kelsey Zalimeni

OCTAVIA ART GALLERY in Houston, Texas is just two weeks away from opening its show of Carole Feuerman's most recent works.  The exhibition contains three oil-painted resin pieces, one bronze, and two large prints, all completed within the last two years. 

Christina,   2014, created in 2013 specifically for these Octavia showings, is one of the three featured painted resin sculptures on display.

Christina, 2014, created in 2013 specifically for these Octavia showings, is one of the three featured painted resin sculptures on display.

The opening is to take place at Octavia on October 30th from 5-8pm.  The event will also showcase Carole's newly published book, Swimmers, available for purchase and autograph on-site. This will be Carole's first solo showing in Houston, no doubt a grand introduction to the Texas art scene. 

Miniature Serena,  2014

Miniature Serena, 2014

Click HERE to visit the gallery website and peruse the featured Feuerman works. If you're in the area for the opening, be sure to drop by to meet the artist and see her work in person.

Texas Contemporary Opens Next Week

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman is launching into yet another busy fall season.  Her sensationally popular sculpture 'Kendall Island' is to be showcased by the Timothy Yarger Fine Art booth at Texas Contemporary next week. This Houston event is a Mecca for Texas art activity and promises great exposure for Carole and her Los Angeles-based representative gallery.  

'Kendall Island'  2014- Oil on Resin

'Kendall Island' 2014- Oil on Resin

Texas Contemporary opens in the George R. Brown Convention Center this coming Thursday, September 4 and runs through Tuesday the 9th.  If in town for the fair, be sure to visit Carole's piece in Booth 109. 


For more information on TX Contemporary, CLICK HERE.

Monumental Shower

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman's 'Monumental Shower' pulls the private and public into tension.  An intimate moment such as this is captured in hyperrealistic fashion, blown up in scale and displayed for all to see. Is the bather proud in her exposure? Unaware of her voyeurs? In either case, 'Monumental Shower' succeeds to intrigue and entice. 

'Monumental Shower', 2010
 Oil on Resin, 53x23x21 inches, Mana Contemporary Art Center

The figure's natural, luxurious pose is saturated with enjoyment.  Warm drops of shower water cascade down the body.  Her confidence and graceful posture exude two pillars of Feuerman's work, making the piece another great gesture toward the artist's ideals.


by Kelsey Zalimeni

Basking in the glimmering presence of Carole Feuerman's 'Capri' invites viewers to fully appreciate the skill and care of its execution.  While the dazzling Swarovski swim cap commands initial attention, the eye trickles slowly down the rest of the figure to delight in its detail and texture.  

Capri ,  2013, Resin with Swarovski Crystal Cap, 30 x 20 x 11 inches

Capri, 2013, Resin with Swarovski Crystal Cap, 30 x 20 x 11 inches

A rather content countenance gives way to a fitting leisurely pose, one hand casually hooked to the edge of her suit. The swimmer dons a brilliant cobalt one-piece with incredibly convincing texture and weight.  'Capri' symbolizes glamour, grace, leisure, and luxury.  She is both decadent and delicate, lavish yet natural- achieved through the juxtaposition of her relaxed, casual pose and the rich, sparkly materials she wears. 

This featured piece is currently on display at Art Southampton from Thursday, July 24 to Monday, July 28.  If you are attending the event, be sure to stop by booth AS67 to see 'Capri' in person! 


by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman's 'Tree' invests the human form with refreshing simplicity and innocent purity.  Delicately posed with a downward gaze, the figure emanates a coy comfortability in her state of exposure.  Her slender frame and dainty features imply both a gentle nature and physical youth.

'Tree with Leaves' , 2011   Oil on Resin Sculpture with Interactive Projection, Dimensions Variable, Private Collection

'Tree with Leaves', 2011

Oil on Resin Sculpture with Interactive Projection, Dimensions Variable, Private Collection

The swim cap upon her head is green and leafy, purposing itself as an organic adornment in place of its usual utility role. The tree stump beneath the figure reinforces the naturalistic theme while serving as a pedestal.  Tying the piece together is the multicolor digital projection of leaves onto the surface.  This mechanism adds a layer of complexity to the work, as it fuses a classic form of artmaking with new media. This sculpture floats between dreamlike and realist, innocence and confidence... which, in turn, is truly ideal.

The Message

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman's bronze sculpture 'The Message' recalls simpler times of communication, before the days of emails, smartphones, and social media.  The shimmering figure stoops gracefully to retrieve a mysterious note; the viewer is left to wonder about its contents and sender. With her polished bronze finish, it is almost as though this woman is comprised of the sunlight she basks in.

'The Message' , 2013- Bronze, 46 x 27 x 32 inches

'The Message', 2013- Bronze, 46 x 27 x 32 inches

The figure is shown in a phase of tension between receiving and reading this message.  There is no subject line, no sender address... no telling who or where it is from until she reads it.  'The Message' romanticizes human communication through this glimmering bronze figure caught in a moment of suspense.

The Spirit of Sport

by Kelsey Zalimeni

With the World Cup kicking off this week, spirits and anticipation run high all over the globe. In light of all the excitement, what better work to consider than Carole Feuerman's 'Lauren Perdue,' a full-body resin cast of the young Olympic athlete.  Now, of course swimming and soccer aren't nearly the same activity. However, the key traits of a top competitor- passion, discipline, and drive- are common amongst champions of any sport. As a portrait, 'Lauren Perdue' honors the incredible career of an Olympic athlete.  Expanded to a larger metaphor, this piece reflects the ability of athletic events like the Olympics and World Cup to unite nations across the globe in the spirit of sport. 

'Lauren Perdue' , 2013- oil on resin

'Lauren Perdue', 2013- oil on resin

Although the figure is shown at rest, this does not imply any sort of complacency or defeat.  Her countenance and symmetrical pose speak to balance and focus, as viewers catch the determined competitor in a moment of silent preparation.  The display choice puts the piece fully into context, surrounding Lauren by her natural habitat, her sanctuary, her racing lane.  All who encounter this sculpture are reminded of the purity of sport, invited to be lost in admiration of our human capabilities.

Watch this short feature on Carole's process with 'Lauren Perdue'-

Visit Lauren Perdue's Team USA page HERE.