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Carole Feuerman Exhibiting at CI Contemporary Istanbul with Aria Art Gallery and C24 Gallery November 12 – 15, 2015 by Carole Feuerman

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Nov 10, 2014 - Before Contemporary Istanbul opens to the public this Thursday, … 

it is not at all surprising to see Carole A. Feuerman's hyperrealist sculpture


Aria Art Gallery, based in Florence, Italy,  and C24 Gallery, based in New York City, will be participating in the 10th edition of Contemporary Istanbul, Booth A2-406, at the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center, https://www.artsy.net/show/aria-art-gallery-aria-art-gallery-at-contemporary-istanbul-2015

                                 Detail: Butterfly Capri, 2013, Oil on Resin, 30 x 20 x 11 inches. 

                                 Detail: Butterfly Capri, 2013, Oil on Resin, 30 x 20 x 11 inches. 

This is the third year that Aria Art Gallery will be showing Feuerman's work at the fair. Many of you remember Feuerman’s last showing by Aria Art Gallery https://vimeo.com/80273115

Carole's Butterfly Capri, and Balance, table top size, are three pieces they are featuring this year. which has appeared in Timeout Istanbul and has made the cover of Tempo magazine, will be present at the fair! Carole's work will be shown alongside artists Fabrizio Corneli and Michelangelo Bastiani.  The relaxed and contemplative nature of each figure reflects the artist's desire to create harmony, health, and grace, believing that these are all attributes we strive to find in our daily lives. To learn more about Aria Art Gallery please visit http://www.ariaartgallery.com/mostre.php?eid=12, and be sure to stop by their booth at Contemporary Istanbul November 12-15th!

 C24 Gallery, Booth LK402,  http://www.c24gallery.com/artists/carole-feuerman/ will also have a solo exhibition for Feuerman in this year’s Miami Art Fair December 3rd and will also be showing her newest bronze works in May 2016 at their new 5,000 square foot, bi-level gallery in Chelsea. http://contemporaryistanbul.com, http://www.c24gallery.com. Artworks at Contemporary Istanbul include Christina, and Sunburn.

Carole putting the final touches on  Christina .  Christina , 2013 - 2015, Oil on Bronze, 72 x 19 x 14 inches. 

Carole putting the final touches on Christina. Christina, 2013 - 2015, Oil on Bronze, 72 x 19 x 14 inches. 

Sunburn , 1981 - 2015, Oil on Resin, 36 x 16 x 13 inches. 

Sunburn, 1981 - 2015, Oil on Resin, 36 x 16 x 13 inches. 

The art fair, now in its tenth year, is the country’s oldest art fair. Known for its geographic location, Istanbul connects Asia and Europe, thereby becoming a major hub that links east and west. Through its advantageous locale and amalgamation of cultures and beliefs Istanbul has become a creative capital for contemporary artists. The fair strives to increase the dialogue between regional and international artists by collaborating with local foundations, museums, and historical sites bringing their missions to an international scene. A visit to Contemporary Istanbul is a must, and be sure to stop by the booths of Aria and C24

Please enjoy Feuerman at Contemporary Istanbul - 2014,by Uploaded to YouTube by EkavartTV  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8_NkUrTxm4.

A little about last year: Contemporary Istanbul finishes with 67,000 visitors - ARTS

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Nov 12, 2013 - Contemporary Istanbul has ended with 748 artists, 3000 works and 22 countries. ... Monday, November 9 2015, Your time is 16:00:00 ... euros and Carole A. Feuerman's “Brooke with Beach Ball” sold for $275,000.

We will keep you posted on Feuerman 2015. So far, 5 sculptures have been sold for record breaking prices!


'Yaima And The Ball' to Debut in Miami by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman's brand new, never before seen piece Yaima and the Ball will be making its debut in Wynwood this December at Miami Project.  Bursting with athletic dynamism, this new addition reflects a bright, energized attitude from Carole.  

Yaima and the Ball  , 2014, Oil on Resin

Yaima and the Ball, 2014, Oil on Resin

The figure interacts with the plinth in a symbiotic fashion, both bearing a diagonal silhouette. Such congruence makes this work as much about the medium as its literal narrative theme. 

Miami Project will run from December 2 to 7 in Midtown at the Miami Project Pavilion.  The main entrance is located between NE 34th & NE 36th Streets between NE 1st Avenue (Midtown Blvd.) and Buena Vista Blvd.

This exciting new piece will be on view at Jim Kempner Fine Art, Booth 113 for the duration of the fair. Don't miss it!


'Balance' Exhibiting at Cavalier Gallery by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman's painted resin swimmer 'Balance' is currently on display at Cavalier Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Titled 'Contemporary Realism,' this exhibition runs the gamut of current artists working in the photo- and hyperreal realm of representation. The show seeks to contextualize modern artist's takes on Realism, situating its aims within the larger historical scope of of the practice. 

Balance ,  2013- oil on resin

Balance, 2013- oil on resin

Since opening on October 23, the group show has garnered attention from the Greenwich Post, receiving a praising writeup on its offerings last week.  Carole's piece was particularly listed as standout sculpture, being named the exemplar of realistic representation within the show.

Cavalier Gallery is located at 405 Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Be sure to take in the show yourself before its November 16 conclusion.

If you have already been to the show, what are your thoughts? Post to the comment bar below or directly contact info@carolefeuerman.com with your opinion. 

OPENING TOMORROW - Feuerman Solo Show at Octavia Houston by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Finally, the opening of Carole Feuerman's solo show at Octavia Gallery in Houston, Texas is upon us.  This Thursday October 30th from 5-8pm, Octavia will open its doors to exhibit Carole's latest resin and bronze sculptures along with two brand-new prints.   

Miniature Serena   , 2014    Painted resin-   10 x 17 x 8 inches

Miniature Serena, 2014

Painted resin- 10 x 17 x 8 inches

Earlier in the day before the evening opening, Carole will be hosting an artist's talk and Swimmers book signing at the gallery.  Limited copies of her book will be available for purchase and signing at the venue.  Carole's talk begins at 10am, followed by a brief Q&A session and book signing period until 12 noon.

Mark your calendars for this Thursday's events- not to be missed if you are in the Houston area!

Feuerman Impresses in Houston by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

This post contains a real treat, courtesy of a TX Contemporary fairgoer.  Instagram was graced with a stunning time lapse shot by @can.dido, featured HERE

'I think this was the most interesting piece at the Art Fair! It was unreal how real it looked! #hyperlapse.'  

'Kendall Island' (2014), exhibited by Timothy Yarger Fine Art Gallery at TX Contemporary

'Kendall Island' (2014), exhibited by Timothy Yarger Fine Art Gallery at TX Contemporary

Clearly 'Kendall Island' was a big success, attracting plenty of attention for the Jim Kempner Fine Art booth. Carole has even more impressions to make in upcoming fairs, including KIAF 14 (Korean International Art Fair- opening this Thursday) and Art.Fair in Cologne, Germany in late October.

Visit Timothy Yarger Fine Art.

Monumental Shower by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Carole Feuerman's 'Monumental Shower' pulls the private and public into tension.  An intimate moment such as this is captured in hyperrealistic fashion, blown up in scale and displayed for all to see. Is the bather proud in her exposure? Unaware of her voyeurs? In either case, 'Monumental Shower' succeeds to intrigue and entice. 

'Monumental Shower', 2010
 Oil on Resin, 53x23x21 inches, Mana Contemporary Art Center

The figure's natural, luxurious pose is saturated with enjoyment.  Warm drops of shower water cascade down the body.  Her confidence and graceful posture exude two pillars of Feuerman's work, making the piece another great gesture toward the artist's ideals.

Breakthrough by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

In today's manic, rushing society, humans have grown desensitized to stimuli, caring only to speed through their busy day and make it home at the end. Carole Feuerman's 'Nude Coming Through 14th Street'  asks how long it will take for New Yorkers to notice a nude woman coming through the wall of 14th Street's subway station at rush hour. This piece is an attempt to slow people down- to not only see, but to really look

Nude Coming Through 14th Street, 2010      Oil on Resin, Photograph on Vinyl, 84 x 96 x 6 inches, Collection of the artist

Nude Coming Through 14th Street, 2010

Oil on Resin, Photograph on Vinyl, 84 x 96 x 6 inches, Collection of the artist

Defying the laws of physics and social convention, this figure makes new the concept of individuality in total.  The woman is neither concerned with her nudity nor the gawking of passersby, literally planting herself in a private space as her front leads into the public.  An allusion to the fabled 'glass ceiling' can also be interpreted, as Carole uses the piece to illustrate her progressive mentality as a contemporary female artist. 


Please send us your comments to info@carolefeuerman.com or post in the comment bar below!


Tomor and Matteo by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

An encounter with 'Tomor and Matteo' epitomizes the term phenomenological experience. The digital sculpture installation requires the viewer to be active and aware of their own body in the space. Feuerman's choice to install the piece on the floor hearkens to a similar mechanism made famous by minimalist sculptor Carl Andre, forcing the audience to orient themselves about the piece as it occupies the ground they walk on.

'Tomor and Matteo in the Pool', 2010    Oil on Resin, Video Projection, Ceramic Tile, 120 x 96 inches

'Tomor and Matteo in the Pool', 2010

Oil on Resin, Video Projection, Ceramic Tile, 120 x 96 inches

This piece was part of Carole's 2010 El Paso Museum retrospective exhibition, aptly titled 'Earth Water Air Fire.'  The installation was certainly a highlight of the show, inhabiting its own viewing room complete with a 40-foot high digital projector suspended from the ceiling. The following video features a tour of the El Paso exhibition:

The depicted scene comes from a common, everyday experience, yet there is something ritualistic about the interaction.  Perhaps the very nature of sharing (the pool, the beach ball, a glance) causes the piece to shine as sacred.  This video below offers a glimpse of the installation in depth.

What do you think of Matteo and Tomor? Share thoughts, comments, and questions for Carole below!