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Feuerman and Her Swimmers are the Ultimate Globetrotters - Hong Kong! South Korea! Germany! Italy! Florida! New York! Louisiana! California! by Carole Feuerman

Monumental Quan, 2015, on display at Harbour City, Hong Kong

Monumental Quan, 2015, on display at Harbour City, Hong Kong

Feuerman’s very busy calendar for 2016 and 2017 follows on the coattails of very successful 2015 season, where Feuerman’s painted bronzes filled the landmark National Hotel in South Beach during Art Basel Week. Described in The Observer’s Winners and, um, Not Winners, of Art Basel Miami Beach 2015”, Feuerman’s Solo Exhibition, featuring the iconic Survival of Serena and The Golden Mean, was touted as being on the Bucket List of shows not to miss during the week. Rubbing elbows with celebrities, reporters, collectors, and gallerists, Feuerman’s work could also be seen at the art behemoth that is Art Miami, providing a hyperreal focal point amongst much of the conceptual work featured. If you happen to be in Palm Beach Florida, a must stop would be Gallery Biba on Worth Avenue.

After Feuerman’s showings at the star studded Art Basel and Art Miami Fairs, and after the crowds and tourists that had flocked to Miami left the “Magic City”, Feuerman’s work made the move to her next solo show at Markowicz Fine Art, in the Miami Design District.  The opening was fun filled with a Meet and Greet with Feuerman signing books and a special edition print as she celebrated at the opening. The show will be up through the end of the month. Debuting were her newest works, The Dancer and Dancing Hoop, along with her newest painted bronzes.

Never one to slow down, Feuerman has forged ahead, with multiple shows for 2016 and 2017.  Her sculpture Christina will soon make an appearance at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, February 11th with Timothy Yarger Fine Art.  She also has 2 Solo Shows in 2016, one at the Deland Museum of Art in Florida, on April 15th and the other in New York City at C24 Gallery, May 6th.  Feuerman will return to Europe, exhibiting in “Die Welt als Bühne | The World is a Stage”, at Haus Beda in Bitburg, Germany on April, 24th.  She will also solidify her position as a permanent fixture at the next Venice Biennale with a solo show in the park on the Grand Canal, called “Dancing on the Water”, courtesy of the Global Arts Foundation and La Biennale Di Venezia, sponsored by Aria Gallery, C24, and Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Garden.  Click here.

For anyone visiting NOLA, stop by and say hi to Feuerman’s Kendall Island and Yaima and the Ball brought to you by Sculpture for New Orleans. Perched on pedestals above Poydras Corridor, these two beauties will reside in the Big Easy through the Summer of 2017.

Antonio Budetta of Aria Gallery, in Italy curated,  “Sport del Bellessere, Personale di Carole Feuerman”, at The Civic Museum of Palazzo Elti of Gemona del Friuli, Italy up through February 21st, 2016.

Feuerman and her swimmers not only made a statement in the US and Italy in 2015, but also in Asia, with museum exhibitions in Hong Kong, Daejeon and Suwon City in South Korea. While she was in Asia, Feuerman was inducted into the International Sculpture Park Foundation. You can read about Carole’s involvement with the Sculpture Park Union here.


Feuerman's Hong Kong Solo Show Extended Through July 7th by Carole Feuerman

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The immense public and media response to Carole A. Feuerman’s Solo Exhibition at Harbour City, Hong Kong has resulted in the show being extended until July 7th. Harbour City Art's mission to be a beacon of prestigious public art has been hugely advanced by Feuerman’s flourishing exhibition.

The thriving fine art scene in Hong Kong has been awakened to the unique, creative niche of Feuerman’s luminous hyper-realism. In her first solo exhibition in Asia’s premier city, Feuerman has successfully left her distinctive artistic signature and she will continue to do so throughout the international art world with upcoming shows in Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.


美国超写实雕塑大师Carole A. Feuerman亚太区首展

click to view the Chinese article

click to view the Chinese article

click to view the Chinese article

click to view the Chinese article

'Mona Lisa' to be Exhibited at CONTEXT Art Miami in December by Carole Feuerman

Visit CONTEXT Art Miami this December and see Carole A. Feuerman's lifesize hyperrealistic sculpture, Mona Lisa.  Courtesy of Opiom Gallery, Feuerman's work will be on-view in BOOTH E68The CONTEXT Art Miami Pavilion is located in Midtown Miami at 2901 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida 33137.  Tickets can be purchased at

Context Miami - Mona Lisa

UPCOMING: Book Signing at Jim Kempner Fine Art by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Mark your calendars, because Carole Feuerman will be signing copies of her newly released Swimmers at Jim Kempner Fine Art on October 30.  The event is free and open to the public.  This is a great chance to meet Carole and ask questions about her career and latest projects.  

Swimmers , published by The Artist Book Foundation   

Swimmers, published by The Artist Book Foundation


There is no guarantee that copies of the book will last at the signing- skip the line and order your own edition via Amazon.

Jim Kempner Fine Art is located on the corner of 10th Avenue and 23rd Street (501 W 23 St). Carole looks forward to seeing you there on October 30!

Creating 'Kendall Island' by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

Mana Contemporary has recently released a featurette on Carole Feuerman and her work.  The video follows Carole throughout the process of making 'Kendall Island,' a portrait sculpture of Mana's own Kendall Tichner.  This exclusive footage pulls back the veil to reveal the master artist at work. 

Carole prepping Kendall Tichner for casting

Carole prepping Kendall Tichner for casting

Viewers are granted a peek into the meticulous and exhausting world of Carole's studio.  Enjoy the video and send comments and questions to, or enter them through the comment option below.

Watch: Exclusive Unveiling Footage by Carole Feuerman

By Kelsey Zalimeni

The unveiling of Carole Feuerman's 'Double Diver' on the NetApp grounds in Sunnyvale, CA was a major success.  Carole and her team were thrilled to be part of this special occasion between community and corporation. This post offers exclusive footage of the NetApp ceremony, so that all who follow Carole's activity can witness the excitement of the big day.  Enjoy!

General's Twin by Carole Feuerman

by Kelsey Zalimeni

'General's Twin' protrudes from its hanging place with commanding presence and a sense of dignity exuding from the figure.  The piece only features the top portion of the swimmer, succeeding to convey a powerful stance despite the body's absent lower half.  This sculpture possesses a unique balance of grace and potency, achieved by a combination of delicate details and a carefully carved physique.

'General's Twin',  2009-2011   Oil on Resin,  24 x 15 x 8 inches,  The Smithsonian Institute National Portrait Gallery

'General's Twin', 2009-2011

Oil on Resin, 24 x 15 x 8 inches, The Smithsonian Institute National Portrait Gallery

The soft, rosy lips of the swimmer work nicely with a similarly colored swimming top to emit rays of youthful, feminine beauty.  Her broad, athletic shoulders and toned abdomen communicate a formidable side to this woman.  With eyes closed and head held high, she basks in the glory of her own composition, yet another great testament to the accomplishments of her maker and the values she stands for. This piece is a particularly important work by Carole, as it is displayed at the Smithsonian Institute National Portrait Gallery.  Its acquisition by such a renown institution is not only a great accomplishment for Carole in her career, but an honor as a citizen of this country to contribute artwork to a national collection.